1. Book or Film

    Thu 16 May 2013

    Book or Film: American Psycho

    Verdict - Book!

    Year 7. Reading hour. My book's a Magic the Gathering novel(Mercadian Masques). I'm trying to control my excitement over some dialogue exchanged between a rogue thief and a thief rogue.

    "Psst, psst!", I attempt to grab my friend's attention, he's into his book, but this is important.



    "Look! One of the characters just said bastard".

    It was this type of edginess that I was looking for when I picked up Bret Easton Eliss's American Psycho. I was not dissapointed. The book is a horrible histories for the 1980's, a smart publisher would have a rename something like the Traumatising traders and it would become a best-seller for 8-12 year old school kids.

    What's nice is that the violence is not rushed. It is delightfully introduced through the occassional sentence drenched in homicidal intent.

    The problem the film has is that is unable to compete with the banal conversations that the characters engage one another in, which helps pace the violence.

    A wonderful scene in the book is where Bateman meets an old flame.

    Also it lacks any scissors, crucifying, lighters or plastic tubing, which I feel ties the story together.

  2. Boosle

    Wed 10 April 2013

    16 x 16 is a lot to be thinking about.

    A boosle A dude in trendy gear

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